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releases – just me:

frostbYte – one dog night

my first entirely acousmatic, multi-channel album ‘frostbYte – one dog night’ –  via the label audiobulb UK : formats available: Stereo WAV, AC3 Encoded Surround Sound, PCM High Res Surround  – AudioBulbAUDIOBULB iTunes iTunes Bandcamp Bandcamp  AmazonAmazon  JunoJuno Beatport Beatport
There’s also a booklet to accompany the release you can download here…:PDF booklet

terra subfónica – GruenRekorder Label, Germany – official release date: July 1, 2013

terra subfónica


my (overtly bombastic;) audiovisual composition ‘frostbYte –  CO2(saxophone + multichannel AV – 2013), performed by EcoSono‘s Matthew Burtner has been published as part of the ‘Sound Anthology’ in the latest edition of the ‘Computer Music Journal, MIT Press (Vol. 42, No. 1: 99-106)(2018) – *the version released is stereo and audio only

the wonderful folk at TEM (Taukay Edizioni Musicali. Italy) have recently released my sonic chatel entitled kibuyu;)

‘the gossima collective’, part of the ‘Sound and Video Anthology’, Computer Music Journal, Vol. 34,

CMJ CoverMIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Press, USA

Centre National de Création Musicale, La Muse en Circuit, 2010 (contains the seminal work by Luc Ferrari  ‘Madame de Shanghai’:)

Luc Ferrari Cover

Animal Music – Sound & Song in the Natural World
Edited by Tobias Fischer & Lara Cory (book & CD)

animal music

Miso Music, 2009 Portugal

Exhibitronic – vinyl release, 2015, Germany

exhibitronic 2exhibitronic 1

Musica Viva DiscMusica Viva Cover2Musica Viva cover

Inter-ensemble ‘Contemporanea 2012’, Italy

contemporanea 2012j

International Computer Music Association (2013 CD)


featured in a documentary entitled ‘There Will Be Some Who Will Not Fear Even That Void
by senior TED fellow and award winning documentary film maker Saeed Taji Farouky

There Will Be Some Who Will Not Fear Even That Void_documentary_db

I have published a book entitled ‘New Music Composition In Computer Assisted Environments: Creative Approaches to Composing With Music Software’…
if you ever see the book, don’t bother to either buy or read it, it’s expensive, and incomplete
(largely because none of the audio excerpts crucial to the text are included so it makes very little sense!)

Creative Approaches to Composing With Music Software_db

Deep Wireless 8 – New Adventures in Sound Art, Canada, 2011



A world of Soundscapes – Blue ray DVD, VS3D Audio Recordings, Italy, 2012


1 minute autohypnosis #23 – autohypnosis Project, Spain


‘resonance’ Quiet Design, USA, 2007


Lighthouse Publications, Canada, 2007 (symphonic wind orchestra score)

air masses
Blinkhorn, Daniel 2010, ‘Selected AudioVisual Works’ Soundsrite (online audiovisual publication) University of Western Sydney, 2009

Microtopies 2014: 50 miniatures music, Spain


The inaugural edition of Visual Overture Magazine, USA (2010) published a selection of my videos

visual overture

Electronic Masters Vol. I Ablaze Records, USA, 2012

e masters 1e masters 2
Liquid Architecture, 2006 Australia
WindsMeasure, 2011 USA

Winds Measure Tape CoverWinds Measure Tape
WM 30 Compilation CD – Winds Measure, 2012, USA




Confluencias (Compact Disc), 2008 Spain

Confluencias Disc1
Gonzo Circus – Mind The Gap #103, 2013, Netherlands

mind the gap - 113ffffmind the gap - back - 113ddddd
Explorations in Sound – Vol.4, Compilation Release – Furthernoise recordings – Australia/UK

explorations in sound_vol
Australasian Computer Music Association – ACMA (Compact Disc), 2008 Australia

ACMA Cover image1disc
Millennial Masters Vol. II Ablaze Records (Compact Disc), 2012 USA

m masters 2Millenial Masters Disc1

Liquid Architecture 5 : Out of the bedroom


Incidental Amplifications – Room 40

 don’t bother getting it from the ‘publisher’…I sincerely regret publishing the title under their label, it’s a vanity label for the owner and I’ll happily provide the work for free (my work is an acousmatic (and audiovisal) work entitled ‘Resource 14’ featured at the ISCM – World Music Days – 2007)


2006A Twin Diaphragm Omnidirectional Microphone article


‘Publications, Papers, etc’ Section
currently under revision…

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