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This page contains a variety of sounds from my time in the Amazon Basin, Brazil.
as with the other pages, I will be uploading material periodically,
so please do check back from time to time!
(special thanks to Francisco Lopez and Mamori Artlab for making the recordings possible)

Nocturnal recording of Frogs

frog 1



night frog chorus

fishing with locals

fishing with the locals fishing with the locals in canoe



fishing in canoe

surrounded by frogs at dusk

recording above the river at sunset_daniel blinkhorn



frogs at dusk

shrill insects nocturnal recording

shrill frogs and insects_nocturnal recording



shrill frogs and insects

storm recording

recording in a hut tree hut 1




thunder & rain

some creative excerpts from the suite ‘in situ bacia’
commissioned by the wonderful ‘La Muse en Circuit’
and released as part of Hörspiel Avec…including
Luc Ferrari’s beautiful work ‘Madame de Shanghai’
(and a big thanks to the tremendous talents of clarinetists Rémi Delangle)

Hörspiel Avec... Madame De Shangai.Luc Ferrari Cover13 score excerpts from in situ bacia



and some stills from the videos accompanying the suite

canopy das árvores

en plein air

light traces

bio mass

one of many hydrophone recordings
canoe recording and fishing



canoe hydrophone recording_Amazon-river

recording in Manaus (processed sounds with jungles materials etc)
recording in Manuas



rooftop – Manaus (+a little processing!)