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Whilst I was in Cuba to record various acoustic ecologies and the natural environmnet, I couldn’t help but be drawn into both the music radiating throughout the island, but the  fascinating sounds accompanying everyday in Cuba. On almost every street corner within the old city there is a fusion of jazz, Latin American and even Creole music, not to mention a myriad of music festivals found in almost every town in the country. I had the excellent fortune of traveling extensively around the island via catamaran, whilst also experiencing much of the inland region. these are some of the sounds I encountered in my travels;)

surround recording on a Bici Taxis

old city street recording, Havana

and another street recording, this time near the waterfront and ‘Castillo de San Carlos de la Cabana’


Horse & Cart taxi Cienfuegos

Havana rooftop recording circa 2 pm with on coming storm

Anchors away…!) this was originally recorded in surround sound using my wonderful DPA 5100 (sounds much more immersive;)

Ahoy there matey..let’s hoist the sails;)

wind in palm leaves on Faro Cayo Caimán Grande de Santa Maria

Cayo Rico birds and beach

hydrophone recording of a coral reef, Cienfuegos