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location-based field recordings I made in Alaska whilst on the faculty of EcoSono,
I’ll also be uploading one or two videos and a few composition excerpts using the field recordings:

sea lion ‘n bird colony from boat
how do they sound up a little closer
sealion 2

and here’s how they sound a little closer (minus the birds!)

sounds of Humpback whales exhaling using a parabolic mic
whale spout

underwater and surface recording
surface recording + underwater recording


and here’s a couple of excerpts (1x audio & 1x video) from a recent work I composed using the sample (amongst others)
for a contemporary dance company called ‘Dirty Feet’ with the wonderful talents of choreographer Kathryn Puie
[the still from the production is by KateDisherQuill]


Dirty Feet
shudder – video version – ‘Dirty Feet’ website

early morning
sonic garden recording

small stream recording
small stream recording

marsh trickle and birds

recording the always talkative orcas
(forgive the boat noise on this one!)
recording orcas

Part of my Alaskan portable recording rig
part of my Alaskan portable recording rig_db

glacial calving excerpt
glacial calving

glacier calving

some campsite recording on
flat top mountain (complete with the
bane of all nature recordings…
the sounds of people talking!)
alaska _flat top mountain campfire

flat top mountain

relaxing whilst on location
recording a river made from
glacial runoff
relaxing on location

speaking of the bane of nature recordings (sadly, not too many places on earth are free from their influence!), here’s
a lovely one made circa 50 metres under the flight path
of Anchorage International airport…enjoy!
recording take-off

plane bane

this was kind of silly,
but who doesn’t
like the sound of a campfire!?
(which sounds quite different thanks to the parabolic mic)

parabolic mic with campfire recording

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