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I’ve included a page with a handful of recordings made from different locations.
In each instance the emphasis wasn’t really on location based field recording, however given I’m always recording, I still managed to end-up with a few sounds from the places!

[as with the other pages, this one is under-construction with much more to come, so please check back from time to time]

a couple of recordings 3 hours apart whilst enjoying the stunning lily pond in Mauritius

a taste of the sounds of the local street markets in Port Louis, Mauritius, with Le Pouce (the thumb) mountain looking over the city


field recording made in the beautiful, medieval seaport/ harbour of Visby, Sweden

Visby harbour

and here’s an excerpt from a creative piece made from recordings in the same harbour entitled ‘norse hamn’:

norse hamn

field recording in Florida

field recording [when the water was a little choppier!]:

florida boat mooring

here’s a couple of excerpts from an audiovisual work made from the field recordings [and video footage]. The work was originally a large-scale, multichannel installation which I then created a shorter audiovisual work from [A full program note/ synopsis can be found by following the Vimeo link]…:

seascape triptych i:



seascape I

this is a miniature soundscape made from recordings captured here at home, on the East Coast of Australia. Each of the sections in the triptych explores a specific aspect of a seascape.

the first section is based on a series of small, intimate natural sounds in a coastal inlet. The sounds of a gentle breeze, gurgling water, creaking branches
etc have been carefully choreographed to reflect the sounds contained within this type of natural environment. The material has also been extensively
transformed via DSP applications to illustrate some of the artistic possibilities possible within this environment when expressed through the imagination. It
draws the listener’s attention to the minute and sensuous sounds of a unified nature surrounding the sea, forming part of a seascape

the entire triptych has been released on the Double DVD ‘A World of Soundscapes’ for Blu-Ray DVD, and can be found here at…:

A World Of Soundscapes

listening to the wind in the trees…! a field recording in the beautiful
Shenandoah National Park, Virginia


recording in Glow Worm Glen_Bundanoon_Southern Highlands





glow worm glen_bundanoon

Noosa Biosphere (National Park), Queensland



field recording as part of World Listening Day [pictured with Ros Bandt]

Place Eugene Flagey, Bruxelles


Park recording at Place Eugene Flagey,

Street busker



street recording near a busker, Bruxelles

Darwin Mud Crabs
more crab recording - Darwin



field recording another crab colony (this time mud crabs) in Darwin

street recording in the old city, Prague
street recording_old city_Prague

taking in the scenery & recording the little birds in ‘Volksgarten’ Wien (Vienna)
recording birds in 'Volksgarten'_Wien_Vienna

a not entirely authentic 19th century ‘flavour’ to this recording in one of the town square’s in Vienna…!
recording in town square_Wien_Vienna

sometimes the eye doesn’t quite capture what we might expect to hear…for instance it’s hard to hear the ‘water’ in this bridge recording on a very hot day in Paris
bridge recording_Paris

meanwhile, back in Darwin…;)
Venus transits the sun - Darwin




this recording was made at Mindil beach as I watched Venus transit the sun… [if you enlarge the photo you will see Venus as a faint dot, just left of centre]


resource 14

this is an excerpt from my very first acousmatic work [entitled ‘resource 14],
created from field recordings of sand and sandstone…
sadly, the original field recordings of sand have been destroyed when my computer hard drive died,
but the piece still lives on, so I thought I’d include it!